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On my blog I’ve mainly talked about mainstream skincare and big brands, but today I wanted to bring you something different. A product that I’ve used on-and-off for many years is Bio-Oil, which you may have heard of. I initially used it to reduce the appearance of stretch marks as a teenager. However, recently I’ve been using it as a more general skincare item.

bio oil2

I got a new job that requires being on my feet all day and dealing with various chemicals and foodstuffs. This means I’m bathing every day and washing my hands a lot, which paired with cooling outdoor temperatures and central heating, equals dry and dehydrated skin. I was trying to combat it with various moisturisers, but then I remembered the Bio-Oil I had in my room. After a shower, I applied some to my skin and saw an instant improvement.

It is a true oil, so it takes a little while to soak in. Although, it’s got a lovely scent which makes your skin smell really nice. The oil reduces the appearance of scarring and stretch marks, as well as helping ageing skin. However, it is also super-hydrating and intensive. It can be used as a bath oil, or a daily body moisturiser if you often get dry skin like me. I have found that my skin has improved and is in much better condition. It isn’t as itchy and irritable as it used to be, it is much smoother and soothed. If you have any of things that I listed, then I would highly recommend this product.

bio oil3

I hope you enjoyed this post and will maybe try some Bio-Oil yourself. If you have any products that you love and would like me to shine a light on, then please don’t hesitate to comment below.

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