Halloween Tutorial: Alien

Here is the second Halloween tutorial, this week it is how to look like an alien! This look is mainly purple, focusing on bringing shimmer to the face and an ethereal and artificial glow. This isn’t a super heavy look, and it would really work well with a wig and some outer space inspired clothing. Enjoy!



I did my usual base: primer, foundation, concealer and powder (for more information see this post), but my contour and blush were a bit different. I used a shimmery purple eyeshadow as a contour and a pink one for my blush. When it came to highlight, I liberally illuminated my nose, chin, forehead and cheekbones with a pearlescent white shadow.


For the eyes, I used a pale pink shade on the lid and used a light and dark purple in the crease to add definition. I then used a shimmery loose purple powder on my lid, making sure to highlight my inner corner and brow bone with a white shadow. Under my eye I used the white and purple shadows to add more definition. There is no eyeliner in this look, but I made sure to use a black mascara to add volume.



I decided to match the lips and the eyes, so I went in with a gloss to prime the lips. Then I patted on some purple loose powder to add galactic look. Make sure you’re using safe products around your mouth, also if possible use a shimmery purple lipstick.

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween tutorial! If you have any questions or suggestions, then please comment them below. Stay tuned for my next look coming this time next week, if you would like to request a look then please do. Thanks for reading.

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