5 Tips for Healthy Nails

Now autumn is well and truly upon us, it’s time to start paying extra attention to our skin and nails. Today I’m bringing you five tips for healthy nails, so this season they’ll stay strong and super nourished. I hope you enjoy these hacks, don’t forget to give it a like.

Don’t pick them!

This is a pretty obvious one, but so many people still do it (me included). Picking your nails is bad as you’re literally ripping part of them away, so it isn’t really going to promote strength and growth. The best way to combat this is to break the habit. It might seem hard at first, but it’ll do them a world of good.

File rather than clip

Maybe this is just me, but I find that filing, rather than clipping, makes my nails better. There’s nothing wrong with clipping them down, especially if they’re super long, but filing seems less brutal. Regularly shaping and filing my nails keeps them healthy, and they don’t snap as much.

Moisturise them

It’s really important to treat your nails like you would your hands, so keep them hydrated! I find that putting on some balm or oil before bed helps a lot. After a while you’ll find that your nails aren’t drying out or breaking as much, and they may even grow a bit quicker!

Use a base coat

When painting your nails, it can be easy to dive right in with coloured polish for speed, but this isn’t a good idea. You should always use a base coat as this protects the natural nail. Not only this, but it also stops your polish from staining, so you won’t have to have pink nails for days after wearing red.

Use acetone-free polish remover

Lots of people don’t look when they buy nail polish remover, they just buy whatever they can get their hands on. However, it’s important to avoid removers containing acetone. All removers are drying to some extent, but acetone can be damaging to the nail when used on a regular basis. Of course, it is necessary to remove certain manicures (such as shellac), but avoid it when you can.

I hope you enjoyed these five tips for healthy nails! If you have any suggestions of your own, then don’t hesitate to comment them below.

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