Review: Fenty Beauty Foundation

Following up from my Autumn Wish List I managed to get hold of the Fenty Beauty foundation! I colour matched in Harvey Nichols and picked up a bottle to try. Here are my thoughts on it, hope you enjoy!


The foundation is packaged in a frosted glass bottle with a plastic pump top.  It’s pretty heavy, which gives it an element of luxury, and it’ll look really good on show. Rihanna has really gone minimal with her branding, but that’s something that I really like. Sometimes packaging can be too busy, but the minimalist really gives it that high-end look.

Product packaging


As you probably already know, this foundation comes in forty different shades. That means there is so much choice for every single skin tone. I was matched as shade 120, which is the third lightest shade. It was the first time I wasn’t the palest shade, so I would personally like to thank Rihanna for looking out for us super-light chicks. There is a slight oxidation with this foundation, but it is barely noticeable.

My shade

Consistency, Coverage and Finish

It has a thin consistency and feels very light on the skin, but it has a medium coverage (from one pump). It has a matte finish and it does give a sort of airbrushed look. Its wear time is also really great as lasts all day. Today I applied at around 9:30am, it’s now 9:30pm and it still looks as great as it did this morning.

Foundation on me


This isn’t the cheapest product as it retails for £26. However, I’d say that it’s justified as the packaging is really sophisticated and the shade range is so comprehensive. The incredible wear time also feeds into this.

No dark line, perfectly matches me


Overall, I really love this foundation! I think there really is something for everyone with the Fenty Beauty foundation. Not only does it have a great wear time and shade range, but it also has a beautiful finish and, again, the packaging is lush! If you have a spare £26 then I implore you to go and pick up this product. This isn’t just a celebrity makeup line, it’s a revolution!

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