Naked Heat Palette Tutorial: Moody

Welcome to the third and final eyeshadow tutorial for Urban Decay’s brand new Naked Heat Palette (see my review here). This time I’ve decided to do a more moody and grungy look with the darker shades. I would advise this more for an evening look. However, it can also be a day look if you are comfortable with a stronger look. This is a pretty simple look as it predominantly uses two shades, only using the third one sparingly. If you want to see how to get a moody look using the Naked Heat palette, then keep reading!


Like I said in the previous two posts, I always start my eyeshadow looks with priming my eyelids. This ensures that your look is long-lasting and as vivid as possible. I like the Urban Decay Primer Potion, but any can be used. Alternatively, primer-free is also fine if that’s what you prefer.


Using a small shadow brush, I applied the shade Cayenne, a deep orangey-brown shadow, all over my lid. This acts as a transition shade and sets the tone for this dark look. Then, using a fluffy crease brush I blended En Fuego, a deep pink-purple shade, into my crease. Make sure to pay extra attention to blending with dark shades like these, as any mistakes will show up much easier. Once I was happy that they were perfectly blended, I used my finger to apply Ounce, a shimmery highlighting shade, to the inner part of my eyelid, so the look wasn’t too overpowering. I then brushed some under my brow bone to enhance my eyebrows. After that I used the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner to line my eyes and Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara on my top lashes, using the No7 Extreme Length Sensitive Eyes mascara on the bottom ones.


Hope you guys like this look, and that the tutorials have helped you decide whether to pick up the Naked Heat Palette. If you have any tips or feedback then don’t hesitate to comment them below, and thanks for reading!

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