Review: Naked Heat Urban Decay Palette

I’ve been a long-time fan of Urban Decay, with their Naked2 palette being amongst my favourites (check out my post on it here). When they announced their Naked Heat palette, which was to be comprised of warm-toned shades, I was jumping for joy. Most of my eyeshadows are cool-toned, but warm shades are something I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for a while. Now I have the Naked Heat palette I’m reviewing for you guys before you buy, keep reading to find out more.


I really like the packaging of this palette, it is quite different to that of the Naked2 palette. Whereas that one comes in a tin container, the Naked Heat palette is plastic with 3D detailing on the lid, covered with clear plastic. This is something that I would be happy to have on show as it is so pretty!

Product packaging


This palette boasts twelve all-new shades which are all warm-toned. There are five shimmery shades and the rest are matte. There is Ounce, a creamy highlight shade, Chaser, a matte beige, Sauced, a pale orange, Low Blow, a warm light brown, Lumbre, a shimmery iridescent pink shade, He Devil, a deep orange, Dirty Talk, a shimmery version of He Devil, Scorched, a shimmery pink, Cayenne, the colour of the pepper powder, En Fuego, a matte burgundy, Ashes, a deep purple, and Ember, a shimmery brown. I think a great thing about these shades is that they so easily blend together, so you’re not left with one unused.

Palette shades
Palette shades

Pigmentation/Wear Time

These shades are super pigmented, so you only need a tiny amount. This is great because it means that you can create both understated and bold looks with the same palette. The wear time on this palette is also awesome, I’ve been wearing some of the shades for over seven hours and they’re still looking pretty.

Swatches in natural light
Swatches in artificial light



The price for this palette is £39.50, but I would say that it is definitely worth it. This palette is long-lasting and hugely pigmented, with shades that are easily blended together. If you can afford the price, I would urge you to pick up this palette.


Overall, I really like this palette and can see myself using it a lot in the future. Not only is the packaging quality and pretty, the shadows themselves are outstanding. I would say that if you aren’t a big fan of powdery shades then maybe check this out in person before buying, as this can be a little dusty, but it doesn’t affect the quality. Keep tabs on my blog next week as I will be doing looks from this palette.

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