Review: Origins RitualiTea Feeling Rosy

This face mask came in my Birchbox last month and I was eager to try it due to the great reputation that Origins have. I was also intrigued by the fact that it was a face mask made with rooibos tea as that isn’t something that that I’d come across before. I decided to do the mask today as I was feeling tired and a little dehydrated, and it boasts a hydrating effect. If you’re interested in finding out what I thought of it, read on!

The mask comes in powder form, so you mix two teaspoons of it with the same amount of water. It immediately froths up and becomes a pink/orange paste after mixing and can be easily applied to the face. It is a bitty consistency due to the tea leaves and rose parts which are in it, but it is thick enough to not run off your face. During the allotted ten minutes, it has to stay on for, it dries and should then be rinsed off with water.

The mask on my face

I found the mask to be pleasant while it was on, there was a tight feeling as it dried, but no stinging or unpleasantness. The mask was quite difficult to rinse off, so I ended up using a flannel rather than just my hands (I would also advise wearing a dark shirt when doing the mask to prevent rinse off staining). After rinsing my skin felt tight, even after moisturising, so I don’t know how hydrating it was.

Overall, I do like this mask, it smells lovely and my skin did look brighter, but I’m not sure how well it hydrated my skin. My skin actually felt tighter after using the mask, and even my moisturiser didn’t ease it. It feels more normal a few hours later, but I’m not convinced by it. This is not Emma endorsed.

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