Review: Kueshi Shine and Volume Mask

A few months ago, I got this hair mask in my Birchbox and I was a little skeptical, I’ve tried many different products like this one, and they’re often not that life-changing. However, I decided to give it a go and see how it went. I have thick, coarse and curly hair so if it worked for me, it would work for anyone. Keep reading to find out if it worked.

I used it after shampooing instead of conditioner, and left it on for the advised three minutes. After that I rinsed it off with water, adding oils afterwards and letting my hair dry naturally. I was really impressed by the result; my hair was a lot softer and much more conditioned. I need to invest in some more, but during the period I was using the product every time I washed my hair, it never felt better.

One of my favourite things about this product is the smell. It is vanilla scented, so for a short while after you’ve washed your hair it smells like a cupcake. Plus, unlike some other products you only spend three minutes using it, so it doesn’t mean that you’ll be ages in the shower. The price of this product is also highly reasonable, with it retailing on Birchbox for £10.99.

Overall, I really like this product and will definitely be stocking up on it now that my tester is running out. It will liven up all hair types as mine often gets as dry as the Sahara and it worked for me. So, if you’re looking for a product to breathe life back into your hair, then I would really recommend this product. This is 100% Emma endorsed!

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