3 Beginner Beauty Hacks

Using makeup for the first time can be a little tricky, it is a game of practice after all, but how can you master it in quickly and easily? Look no further than these three simple hacks for beauty beginners! When I first got into makeup it was difficult too, but these hacks transformed my skill from zero to hero. Hope you find these helpful, and if you have any of your own please comment down below.

Don’t use too much

We all saw those one hundred coats challenges a while back, right? That proves that too much of any beauty product looks pretty horrendous. Of course, I don’t expect you to be applying one hundred coats of foundation, but seriously try not to overdo it. This doesn’t really apply to eyeshadows, but it does to everything else. Too much foundation can give you a weird chin line and make you look like a tangerine, and too much mascara can give you spider-lashes. Best to air on the side of caution and apply makeup with a light hand when you’re starting out, just until you know what’s best for you.

Price doesn’t mean quality

This is definitely a big one as expensive often goes hand-in-hand with good quality, but not always. Also, even if the £40 lipstick is supposed to be life-changing, it doesn’t mean that the one you saw in the drugstore the other day won’t be just as good. You can still create some killer looks with cheaper products, so when you’re a beauty beginner it’s best to stick to lower cost products and also research different products online.

The tools are everything

Something that changes a normal look into a beautiful look are the right makeup brushes. Using the right tools is integral to perfecting a great look. When looking for the right brushes you should look for densely packed bristles for foundation, and a round blending brush for eyeshadow as these are the easiest places to spot patches. So, if you’re going to spend money on brushes or products, I would always choose the brushes.

I hope these were helpful to you all, again, if you have any more tips for beauty beginners then leave them below, and don’t forget to check out my previous post!

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  1. Thank you for these tips , my daughter is just starting to dabble into the makeup world. I think she’s still a little young and doesn’t need it but with puberty in full swing she’s embarrassed by the random breakouts so I let her use a hint of concealer and foundation. We are still trying to find the perfect product for her youthful porcelain skin without clogging her pores. Any suggestions?

    1. I was exactly the same when I was younger. Any concealer is fine, as they all have a similar consistency. For foundation I found that powder ones like BareMinerals worked well. BB creams are also worth looking at as they are much lighter than a foundation.

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