Review: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +

I had no interest in getting a new moisturiser, I was happy using the same one I had for years. However, when I got hold of this little gem in a multipack I was swayed.  Dramatically Different is Clinique’s flagship moisturiser, and a crucial part of their three-step routine.  I have to admit, I was always put off by the yellow colour, but having tried it I have to say that my mind is truly changed.

The is the plus version of the original moisturiser, meaning that it is designed for dry/combination skin.  I have complete combination skin, some is dry, whereas some is normal and some is oily, so I was worried about whether this more intense formula would upset me.  I am happy to say it didn’t, my dry skin has improved without my oily patches breaking out.

One of the things I really love about this product is its consistency, it isn’t too thick.  It is quite thin, which means that it soaks into the skin, rather than sitting on it.  Another perk of the light texture is that it goes a very long way, you hardly need any at all to cover your whole face, I would recommend a pea-sized amount.  This means that this is a product which is going to last you a long time.  It is also unscented so it won’t irritate the skin.

Overall, I really like the Dramatically Different moisturiser.  I am very impressed by how it is improving my skin, rather than upsetting it.  I was really worried it would irritate me, but it has only made my skin better since first using it.  This is a product that I would highly recommend to those with dry or combination skin as it moisturises, but also balances which leads to more even skin.  Plus, its price-point of £30 for 125ml isn’t too bad.  This is 100% Emma endorsed!

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