Review: Benefit Cosmetics Gogotint

I absolutely love Benefit tints, so when I found out that they were bringing out a new shade I was overjoyed.  When a tester of the Gogotint showed up in my Birchbox before its official release, I was even more ecstatic!  I tried it immediately and thought I’d give you guys a heads up on the product before you purchase.


The tint is packaged in a bright pink bottle, which matches the shade, with a white top connected to a brush.  The packaging is opaque, much like the Posietint and Chachatint, rather than the clear packaging of the Benetint.  The brush that comes with it is small, not unlike a nail polish applicator, which makes it very easy to apply.

Product packaging

Coverage and Finish

Gogotint is pretty full coverage for a tint, much like Posietint and Chachatint, meaning you only need one coat.  It gives a matte finish, but if you want something glossier then add a layer of clear lip gloss to make it pop.  It’s also weightless and feels like you have nothing on your lips, which is always a plus.

Product packaging

Wear Time

It lasts for a long time but, like most products, it fades after eating.  It would be awesome for a post-dinner event as it would probably stay on for the whole night.

One coat of product on my lips


It’s a little pricey at £25.50, but it’s important to note that Benefit tints last absolutely forever.  I’m pretty sure I still have a tester of Benetint from a few years ago (as gross as that might be).


Overall, I really love the Gogotint.  I think that the bubble-gum pink shade would suit a lot of skin tones in some capacity, and its lightweight matte finish makes it suitable for many occasions.  This is 100% Emma endorsed!

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