Review: Clinique Sonic System Clarifying Brush

While out and about in Leeds a few weeks ago, a very kind Clinique sales assistant gave me tester of their Sonic System Clarifying Cleansing Brush and Foaming Sonic Facial Soap when she found out that I was a blogger.  I’d like to say another big thank you to her for her generosity.  I was hugely excited to test out this brush and I was definitely not disappointed.

The brush is rechargeable and can be used in the shower, as it is completely waterproof.  There are various purchasable heads for the brush, but it is not recommended to use them without replacing them every three months.

The tester Clinique sonic brush with cover

To use the brush you simply wet it, apply the soap, foam it a little, then turn it on and lightly move it over your face, being careful to avoid the eye area.  It usually takes less than a minute to do your entire face.  Then rinse off the soap and wash the brush, leaving it to dry.

The tester Clinique sonic brush without cover

The pulses of this brush mean that it gets deeper than hands can. I have definitely noticed that my face feels a lot more cleansed and clarified since starting to use it.  The soap is also nourishing and does not dry out my skin. However, it does have an odd smell that I can only liken to leather or fabric.  But, while I have noticed I am not developing any more blackheads, the brush alone is not removing the existing ones so make sure to use it alongside other products.  I would also advise removing makeup before using both products.

The Clinique foaming sonic facial soap

Overall, I really like both of these products and have ordered a discounted pack here for £39.49 (RRP of the brush alone is £79.99).  However, if you want to get just one then I would recommend the brush over the wash.  Whilst I do like the wash, it’s not essential as any foaming facial wash can be used.  Clinique’s sonic brush is 100% Emma approved!

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