When in Barcelona recently I spotted a small pot of the GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD facemask and decided to pick it up for my mum.  She was kind enough to let me try it too and put our results up on here, so thanks Mum!  The GRAVITYMUD mask is a firming peeling facemask which retails for £39 (50g) and £14 (15g).

Mum before

The first step was to paint the mask onto our faces, being careful to avoid areas with hair such as our hairlines and eyebrows.  The mask has a really pleasant smell, to us it smelt like a piña colada cocktail.  It was also cold when applying it, but it heated up pretty quickly before cooling off again.  It’s a pearlescent white when first applied, but when it’s ready to be removed (after 20-30 minutes) it turns silver.

The peeling process was extremely satisfying and, to my surprise, not painful at all.  When applying it’s best to try and get a thick and even coat so that it all peels in one piece, but don’t go overboard with it as it costs a pretty penny!  Immediately after peeling we both noticed an improvement in our skin, it was firmer and brighter.  However, we both noticed a bigger difference later in the day.  We were surprised when the mask said not to wash off as the active ingredients would continue to work, but they definitely do.  Our skin was glowing even more later in the day, it was brighter and firmer.

Overall, we both really liked the mask and would use it again.  It may have a high price-point, but is totally worth it for the result that you get.  It also seems to stay for a few days before needing to be topped up, which is a bonus.  The GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD facemask is 100% Emma (and Mum) approved!


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