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Today my mum and I headed into Leeds for some well needed retail therapy.  I picked up a few nice things (mainly thanks to birthday money), and I thought I’d share my haul with you.  I’ll probably be reviewing everything here properly, so you’ll get to hear about them in great detail sometime soon.

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush (RRP: £79, currently half-price)

I walked into a Clinique store today looking for this brush, but they were sold out.  My mum casually mentioned that I was a beauty blogger and the lovely sales assistant gave me a tester brush, despite the fact that she wasn’t supposed to (it’s always worth mentioning if you review!).  It is a battery-powered version of the brush which will work for a month before going dead.  I can’t wait to use it – it is billed as the best cleansing brush available because it is gentle and does not break capillaries in your face.  Thank you anonymous sales assistant for your kindness!

Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial Soap (RRP: £17)

The sales assistant was kind enough to also give me a trial size to go with my brush.  It is a foaming cleanser which is specifically designed to be used with the brush. However, you can use any foaming cleanser, Clinique or otherwise.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it doesn’t seem to be scented and it is a gel/cream texture with a pearl finish.  I am really excited to use this with the brush to see if they work wonderfully together.

Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner (RRP: £16)

I was very excited to see that Debenhams in Leeds city centre has started stocking Kat Von D cosmetics!  I’ve heard so many amazing things about this product, so I decided to add it to the haul, especially since I wear eyeliner every day.  I am looking forward to trying this product out properly and getting a thorough review to you soon, especially in comparison to my drugstore favourite, Rimmel’s Exaggerate Eye Liner.

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  1. Its lovely to know that you are based near to me! I’ve never found another beauty blogger who is near me so this is fantastic!! great shopping haul too. I really want to try a cleansing brush like the one you got from clinque! 🙂

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