Spot On: Kylie Cosmetics’ Velvets

A product that I haven’t heard as much praise as I expected about is Kylie Cosmetics’ Velvet Lip Kits.  I picked up a few of Kylie’s mattes, but I was immediately excited about a brand new velvets formula.  It claimed to be different as it wasn’t a flat matte, which interested me.  Therefore, I ordered the shade Charm, which is a pale peachy pink so it is versatile for day and night wear.  I instantly fell in love with it.


Out of all of the Kylie Cosmetics products I own (mattes and glosses), Charm is the one I wear the most.  It is so much kinder to the lips than the matte formula as it has more moisture in it; while the mattes dry the lips, the velvets nourish them.  Another bonus of this moisture is that it looks much more forgiving on dry lips like mine.  Whereas the mattes highlight and emphasise dry patches, the velvets erase them.


The shade Charm is an incredibly wearable shade, especially for pale skin.  It is a neutral nude-type shade, but also peachy, and it can be worn for basically any occasion, whether that be a coffee date or for a night out.  I would class this as one of my favourite shades of all-time. It looks beautiful on my lips and matches many different makeup looks.



When Kylie announced the velvet formula I was skeptical as to whether it would stay on as long as the mattes (they basically stay on all day, but need touch ups after eating), but I am happy to say that they stay for just as long.  I find reapplication easier with this formula too, as it does not crumble off or get cakey like the mattes.


The price point for this product is a little expensive ($27). However, it’s best to remember that you get a liquid lipstick and a lip liner, and they’re both high quality.  Just be careful ordering to the UK though as you will have to pay VAT and a handling fee on top of this price when you pick up the parcel (I think I paid about £13).  Overall though, I would highly recommend this product, it is 100% Emma endorsed.

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