Spot On: Liz Earle Superbalm

This is a new feature on my blog called ‘Spot On’ and it is going to be a piece on a product that I believe deserves more recognition, or just plain love.  The first one is Liz Earle’s Superbalm which is a multipurpose balm which retails for £17.25 for a 30g jar.

It is such a versatile balm which contains natural source vitamin E, rosehip oil and neroli essential oil.  It can be used on practically any part of the body such as lips, hands, heels and elbows.  I personally love wearing it on my lips as it smells beautiful and gives them a nice sheen as well as softening them.  I do, however, also use it on my hands as they get very dry.  It is such a rescue, especially in wintertime when my hands are the driest.

Although this product may seem a little expensive for what it is, it is actually a great investment.  I was given a jar over a month ago and I still have not used a quarter of the jar, maybe not even an eighth of it.  You only need a small amount each time so it ends up lasting a long time, meaning that it is actually much better value for money than first thought.

If you need one product in your roster, then it is definitely Superbalm.  Its multipurpose nature makes it such a great product. Also, the fact that it lasts for absolutely ages solidifies it as one of my favourites.  It works like a dream and is an essential that you have just got to grab.  One hundred percent Emma endorsed.

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